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1、 Functional characteristics


The torsion wrench has unique functional characteristics, including the following points:

1. 扭转力大:扭剪扳手可以给予极大的扭转力,从而加大可操作杆件的力度。

1. High torsion force: A torsion wrench can provide a great amount of torsion force, thereby increasing the strength of the operable rod.

2. 剪切力强:这款工具不仅具备扭转力,同时还能够提供强大的剪切力,尤其是在处理门、窗、木材等方面较为常用。

2. Strong shear force: This tool not only has torsional force, but also provides strong shear force, especially commonly used in handling doors, windows, wood, and other areas.

3. 方便调节:扭剪扳手的开合范围广泛,可以进行多级调节以适应不同大小的工作头。

3. Convenient adjustment: The torsion wrench has a wide range of opening and closing, and can be adjusted in multiple stages to adapt to different sizes of working heads.

4. 独特结构:扭剪扳手的结构比其他扳手更加简单,也更加易于使用。

4. Unique structure: The structure of the torsion wrench is simpler and easier to use than other wrenches.



2、 Introduction to Structure


A torsion wrench consists of two independently moving levers - an operating lever and a plug lever. The plug lever is inserted into the operating lever through a hole, and the plug lever is clamped through an opening on the tool lever, which is located inside the fixed head of the lever. The position of the torsion wrench lever can be adjusted within a certain range, which makes it have good adaptability and adjustability.


3、 Usage scenarios


Twist shear wrenches not only have unique structural and functional characteristics, but are also widely used in various occasions related to fastening. For example, in home decoration and maintenance, we can use a wrench to dismantle furniture, nails, etc. In vehicle maintenance and disassembly, a torsion wrench is also an essential tool.


Torsion wrenches are also widely used in industrial fields such as metal processing, conveying equipment, and textile machinery. For example, we often need to tighten bolts and nuts of different specifications together, which requires the use of a torque wrench to adjust the size.


4、 Parameter Introduction


After understanding the functional characteristics, structure, and usage scenarios of the torsion wrench, let's take a look at the parameters of the torsion wrench.


Torsion wrenches are generally made of high-strength steel, and their length, opening and closing width, as well as the thickness of the plug lever, and other parameters may vary depending on the purpose and requirements of use. Therefore, when using a torsion wrench, we must choose the appropriate model according to our own requirements.


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