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Reasonable selection of torque setting value: Based on specific work requirements, choose an appropriate torque setting value to avoid excessive or insufficient torque output, in order to avoid damage to the workpiece or low work efficiency.


Accurate operation of torque regulator: Electric wrenches are usually equipped with a torque regulator, which can be set to the desired torque value through the scale on the regulator. During the operation, it is important to ensure that the set value is accurately selected and that the scale of the regulator corresponds to the required torque.



Control torque output time: Some jobs require a certain amount of continuous torque output time, and in this case, it is necessary to reasonably control the working time of the electric wrench according to the work needs. Especially in tightening bolts and other work, once the set torque is reached, the operation of the wrench should be stopped in a timely manner to avoid excessive tightening.


Maintenance of electric wrench: Regularly check the working condition of the electric wrench, keep it clean and lubricated, replace worn parts in a timely manner, and extend the service life of the electric wrench.


The principle and usage skills of torque adjustment for electric wrenches are important factors in ensuring work quality and safety. Only by controlling torque output reasonably and operating the wrench correctly can various work tasks be better completed. Electric wrenches have become an indispensable tool in modern industrial production and maintenance due to their convenience and efficiency.


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