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Electric torque wrench is mainly used for installing fasteners, such as bolts, screws, and nuts. By torque control, the tightening of the screw is ensured, and the thread will not be damaged due to excessive torque. Therefore, it is necessary to use an electric torque wrench to fix the torque value, and the fixed torque value needs to be pre-set during the application process.



When the set value is reached, the electric torque wrench will emit a reminder message, indicating that the torque has been completed by feeling hand vibration or hearing a "click" sound. When the torque value reaches a fixed position, there is no need to continue applying force. Do not use impact force. After stopping the application of force, all parts should be reset. When applying torque, hold your hand on the middle scale line of the electric torque wrench handle and apply force only in the direction indicated by the electric torque wrench. The direction of application should be within ± 15 ° (vertical and horizontal).


Due to the fact that electric torque wrenches are high-frequency application tools, it is necessary to regularly calibrate and inspect the tools in order to improve measurement accuracy, and equip them with electric torque wrench equipment that meets usage requirements. At present, electric shear wrenches are mainly calibrated by calibration instruments, which require regular inspection. Due to the fact that the campus environment is a laboratory environment, it is significantly different from the on-site operating environment. In order to ensure the effectiveness of calibration management, it is necessary to refer to the actual usage site for management and ensure that errors are not affected by the usage situation. Before use, pay attention to checking the accuracy of the electric torque wrench and adjust the calibration and maintenance frequency according to the frequency of use. Usually, at least once a year, maintenance and management measures are used to ensure the accuracy of the electric torsion wrench.

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