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The main features and functions include:

1. 适用于M16-M30螺栓:这款电动扳手设计用于适合M16M30尺寸的螺栓,提供适当的扭矩范围以满足这些螺栓的紧固要求。

1. Suitable for M16-M30 bolts: This electric wrench is designed to fit bolts of sizes M16 to M30, providing an appropriate torque range to meet the tightening requirements of these bolts.

2. 高扭矩输出:电动扳手能够提供足够的扭矩来拧紧和拆卸较大型号的螺栓。

2. High torque output: An electric wrench can provide sufficient torque to tighten and remove larger bolts.


3. 扭剪设计:这种扳手通常具有剪切螺栓头的设计,可以在拧紧螺栓后快速剪断多余的螺栓尾部。

3. Twist shear design: This type of wrench usually has a design for shearing bolt heads, which can quickly cut off excess bolt tails after tightening the bolts.

4. 电动驱动:使用电动机提供动力,操作简便,节省人力。

4. Electric drive: Using an electric motor to provide power, easy to operate, and saves manpower.

5. 精度控制:一些型号可能具备精确的扭矩控制功能,确保螺栓拧紧到正确的扭矩值。

5. Precision control: Some models may have precise torque control functions to ensure that bolts are tightened to the correct torque value.

6. 耐用性:采用高质量的制造材料和工艺,确保工具在恶劣的工作环境中保持耐用和可靠。

6. Durability: High quality manufacturing materials and processes are used to ensure that tools remain durable and reliable in harsh working environments.

7. 性:具备过载保护等功能,以防止因超过工具额定扭矩而导致损坏。

7. Safety: Equipped with overload protection and other safety functions to prevent damage caused by exceeding the rated torque of the tool.

8. 便携性:设计轻便,便于携带到不同的工作场所。

8. Portability: Designed to be lightweight and easy to carry to different workplaces.