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What should be paid attention to in daily use of electric torsion shear wrenches


To avoid accidents such as fire, electric shock, personal injury, and mechanical injury when using electric shear wrenches, the following safety regulations must be strictly followed when using electric shear pliers.


1. The power supply voltage shall not exceed 10% of the rated voltage on the nameplate of the electric wrench.


2. The power socket used for the wrench must match the power plug on the wrench, and the power supply (cable tray) on the input side must be equipped with a leakage protector.


3. The body, wires, and leakage protector of the electric torsion wrench must be intact and undamaged.


When working at heights, the wrench must be fastened with a safety rope.


5. It is not allowed to use it in damp or rainy days, or in places where flammable and explosive gases are stored.


6. When using, the appropriate sleeve should be selected correctly.


7. Wear work clothes, safety helmets, and seat belts as required to maintain body balance during operation.


8. Do not pull the wire on the wrench, and do not pull the plug by pulling the wire.


9. After use, promptly unplug the power plug.


The correct operation method for electric torsion wrench:



Before adjusting the shear wrench or replacing accessories and spare parts, please cut off the power. When disassembling or installing the inner and outer sleeves, do not let foreign objects enter the tool. Firstly, push out the two screws on the outer sleeve, the outer sleeve, and the inner sleeve from the spring installed in the tool, press the bolts and remove the inner sleeve. Be careful not to let the inner sleeve fall off during the disassembly process, and do not remove the inner sleeve spring, push tooth rod, and push tooth rod spring from the tool. Secure the inner sleeve with the bolt facing upwards. Then place the outer sleeve on the inner sleeve and secure it with the bolts. Insert the outer sleeve and inner sleeve into the tool, and rotate the inner sleeve clockwise and counterclockwise alternately until there is no gap between the outer sleeve and the tool.


Daily maintenance methods for electric torque wrench:


1. Before maintenance, cut off the power supply of the electric torque wrench.


2. Keep the body of the electric torsion wrench clean and pay attention to the smoothness of the ventilation opening.


3. Regularly check whether the power cord, power plug, and switch are intact, whether the brush holder is loose, whether the carbon brush is worn, and whether the worn wire is broken. If the carbon brush is severely worn, it needs to be replaced.


4. Do not let the wires come into contact with heat sources and grease to prevent them from being scratched, cut, or damaged, which may lead to abnormal use.


5. Handle the electric wrench carefully. When not in use, put the head into the iron box and return it to the warehouse in a timely manner.