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The electric torque wrench is mainly used for final tightening torque shear high-strength bolts. Its use is to align the bolt and pull the power switch until the plum blossom head of the torque shear high-strength bolt is broken. The electric fixed torque wrench can be used for both initial and final tightening. Its use involves adjusting the torque first and then tightening the bolts. Electric corner wrenches mainly belong to a type of fixed torque wrench, which is used to adjust the degree of rotation first and then tighten the bolts. Electric angle wrench is a type of electric wrench specifically designed to tighten bolts at the angle of a steel frame, and its use is similar to the principle of an electric torsion wrench.


The electric torque wrench, as the name suggests, is an essential tool for tightening the plum blossom head bolt, helping you install and remove bolts and nuts, while accurately controlling the tightening torque. By using bolts to set torque, when the wrench reaches a certain torque, the plum blossom part of the bolt can be cut off. The torque accuracy and axial tension are ensured by the V-shaped notch of the bolt at the set torque. Dismantling has a high torque and is safer and more reliable than manual work. Convenient, beautiful, practical, and easy to carry with the vehicle. Widely used for construction operations of steel structure bridges, factories, power generation equipment, and other facilities.

电动扳手的特点:(1)使用寿命长(2)手柄和机壳材料散热性好(3)功率大(4)耐撞击性强(5)手使用性价比  电动扭剪扳手是一种终紧扭剪型高强度螺栓的工具,一般有电动扭剪扳手和手动扭剪扳手,其中电动扭剪扳手比较常见。


The characteristics of electric wrenches include: (1) long service life, (2) good heat dissipation of handle and casing materials, (3) high power, (4) strong impact resistance, and (5) cost-effectiveness for manual use. Electric torque wrench is a tool for final tightening high-strength bolts, generally including electric torque wrench and manual torque wrench, among which electric torque wrench is more common.


Application of torsion wrench:


The initial tightening of torsion shear high-strength bolts can be done using an impact electric wrench or a fixed torque wrench, while the final tightening must be done using a torsion shear wrench. Therefore, torsion shear wrenches are specifically designed for final tightening of torsion shear high-strength bolts.


The use of a torsion wrench:


The torsion wrench is mainly used for final tightening of torsion shear high-strength bolts, and its purpose is to break the plum blossom head of the torsion shear high-strength bolt. When working, align the wrench head with the bolt head, press the switch to start working. After a few seconds, the bolt ring head will be twisted and broken. Then, pull out the wrench and pull the trigger to eject the ring head, which ends the work.


The characteristics of a torsion wrench are easy to operate, time-saving and labor-saving, and safe and convenient.

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